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First World Problems

I freaked out a little bit yesterday
When on my smart phone
I was trying to play
A podcast I love to listen to
During the five miles of walking
I try to accrue.

My podcast app had just disappeared
All familiar features had all been cleared
From all the screens I know so well
And suddenly it was as clear as a bell.

“My phone’s been hacked!” I lamented
As all four buttons I frantically poked
I watched myself becoming demented
Surprised that I’d get so provoked.

The only screen that persisted
Demanded pin numbers and names
No “x” appeared to resist it
This screen was playing no games.

No other screen
Was remotely accessible
While this one was stubbornly
Even shutting off the power
Couldn’t close the window
Leaving me and my phone
In digital limbo.

I threw the phone into my purse
And decided not to swear and curse
And instead filed it under
The Luxury Column
Of being grateful to have
A First World Problem.

Five minutes later I sought some advice
Inside the tech store where everyone’s nice.
I asked the sales person if she thought I’d been hacked.
“The solution is simple,” she answered with tact.

She said that the software had been updated
With a two-step verification
So I re-entered my data, relieved and elated
As I laughed at my former vexation.

Technology thankfully is here to stay
And permanent will be its incumbency.
That being the case, if our data’s erased
We’d all better create some redundancy.

Illustration Credit: http://www.bennesvig.com (Book Cover, First World Problems: 101 Reasons Why The Terrorists Hate Us, by Ben Nesvig)


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