My Very Short Stories


The titles of my Very Short Stories are below in alphabetical order. Each title is hyperlinked, so click away!

Thank you for taking the time to read my writing.


A Very Staten Island Christmas: Angels We Have Heard on High (A nostalgic recounting of a reluctant teenage Christmas Caroler)

An Incidental Gift (A last minute gift idea wrapped around a hospital visit)

Be My Baby (Plugging into Phil Spector’s pheromone-sodden Wall of Sound and the slow heartbreak of a not-quite first love)

Candy Land (A tour through a dreamscape crafted from memories, love, magic, and fear, reveals a painful loss)

Coups de Grâce (An older couple makes a “logical” decision and things go from bad to worse. Dark humor, but not all is lost. Be sure to listen to the music at the end)

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (Did you ever wake up in an abandoned shack in a broiling backwater swamp? No? Well, hang on for wild ride to a dead end)

Miracle at The Salvation Army (How to warm you heart on a very cold day)

My Electric-Blue Suede Roller Skates (Skating through the past to glide into the future. An exercise in letting go)

My Very First Best Gift Ever (The seemingly very magical appearance of my first born son, Christopher, for whom “Le Petit Prince” (The Little Prince) surely must have been written)

Not for Everyone (Vacation horror story at land’s end–not funny!)

Robbie G. (A 12-year old boy becomes mesmerized by the diamonds draped on the bosom of his dead grandmother as he views her for the last time in her coffin)

Shroom With a View (Descent into horror through mushroom addiction!)

Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning (A bloviator repents, kind of)

The Canyon (The day President Kennedy was laid to rest is the background story of a gallivanting 14 year old girl dodging algebra)

The Catalyst (My first LGBT love story)

The Goochey-Wa (Science fiction produces new vehicle)

The Harbor Master of the Great Mystic Flow (Mythological birthday story for my son, Andy, who is a wonderful drummer)

The Last Mile of the Way (Last journey with dad’s ashes)

The Ministry of Reunions (A visit to the afterlife)

The Our Little Secret Travel Agency (A science fiction novel about a vacation from one’s own body – A work in progress. This link will bring you to Chapter One, but the novel has its own page which highlights each chapter.)

The Soup Mat (Life unravels for all of us. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do but weave what’s left into something that will distract us from our loss and remind us to be grateful for small joys that surround us)

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Falling into the Void even before you’ve had your morning Joe–an almost-horror story)

Who Stole My Shade (A tree hugger laments environmental degradation under the guise of landscaping)

Why Not Wearing a Bicycle Helmet is Hazardous to Your Health (A “friend” knocks some sense into a rider-sans-helmet)


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