Most of the people with whom we rub shoulders every day have a special talent or ability, and those are just the strangers and passing acquaintances. Sometimes, you will find out that someone you know quite well has a talent or a passion you never knew about, and when you ask them why they never told you, they might say, “You never asked me!” And those are just the people you know or think you know quite well. But this page is dedicated to those people in our lives about whose passions and/or talents we are already aware. Now what I want to do is just find out more, more about what makes them tick, more about the statements they are making with their art, what they want us to know or maybe what they don’t want us know. Every picture tells a story for the artists, and every story paints a picture for the writers. So maybe I never asked you before, but that was then, and now is now, so here it goes!

Photography Credit: Rebecca Greenfield. Photo of Marc Maron and Terry Gross.

I’m delighted to share the talents of my good friend, Jean, with everyone who has an interest in art and creativity. I hope you enjoy reading this interview.

Interview with Artist Jean Capalbo: Inside the Magic


My first interview is with Karen Murphy, who came over for lunch recently and brought with her a box of space bots she’d been working on. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview her, and this was the result:

Karen Murphy: A Starry Night in Her Own Right