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This is a new section. I am hoping to encourage friends who have written something they are proud of to publish it here, so they can have the thrill of seeing their own work in a polished format. Let’s see who will take the plunge!

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Photo Credit: Gloria Talcove-Woodward

Publishing Julia, Better Late Than Never


In Memory of

Julia Lerner Field

1944 – 2016

I met Julia in the mid-70s in the Quaker Commune on Glenwood Road in Brooklyn, New York. She had already been living there when I sought and happily took refuge in that big, old, rambling, gorgeous house still enjoying its heydays on a wide, tree-lined street. At the time, I didn’t know where or …

Wars: The Star Kind and Those Less Noble, by Doreen Smith Goodwin

 My first guest was Doreen Smith Goodwin. I am happy to say that she was so thrilled by the experience of being the first to be featured in my “Guest Corner” that she started her very own blog, which is listed at the end of her short story. We hope you enjoy it!