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The Mother of All Bombs


I was going to write a poem
About The Mother of All Bombs
But the only words
I could find
That exactly matched
In rhyme and time
With “bombs”
Were psalms and palms.

A ridiculous poem this would definitely make
But, wait,
There are psalms hyping Armageddon in the wake
Of a war of many nations that are warring today
With its dangerous implications
It behooves me to say
That although I believe such claims to be fake
Make no mistake
This stuff makes me quake
And a little bit nervous
That all three branches of our military service
Are led by a loose-cannon Commander in Thief
A jerk who shirks responsibility
Tweeting state secrets with impunity
Filling top posts with dolts who cause division
Who only qualify because of nepotism
Where are the adults
To provide the supervision
Of his captains of war and industry
Whose conflicts of interests
Confer nobility
Upon the skeletons in his closet
Who are manning the helm
Using pushbutton hellfire
To kill and overwhelm.

He makes a point to anoint
Leaving life and death decisions
To his generals
Who might be reading psalms
Or palms
Or the zodiac
To get new ideas
For a plan of attack,
Taking all too literally
The inevitability
Of a prophesy
Fomenting Armageddon
Via World War Three.

So he unleashed the rabid
Dogs of war
As gleeful as a kid
In a candy store
Too many Democrats
Now think he’s presidential
As he gets more recklessly detrimental
To safety of our planet.
Is it time yet to panic?
Each bomb he orders dropped from our planes
Is just to remind the world that we hold the reins.
“America First,” he shouts
Shaking his fist
How dare he call anyone a terrorist
When it’s our mushroom cloud
That hangs in sky
Courtesy of our future
Squandered by this crazy guy,
Who wishes us all
A really great, very happy Easter.
Oh, and God Bless…America First!

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I’m Already Against the Next War

Nobody wants the immigrants
That our bombs create
We only know that when we’re scared
Our first response is hate.

We attack a sovereign nation
Who’s killing people wrong
So we drop our bombs to kill some more
Just to show them how it’s done.

But bombs can make things better
For our warring sides here at home.
Now Repubs and Dems can get together
And plan a proxy war by drone.

Eating steak tartare at Mar-a-Lago
While wreaking havoc with no shame.
Making deals with others’ lives is fun
When your skin’s not in the game.

Humanitarians and Barbarians…
Who is who and who are we?
Both vying to claim the cold comfort
Of a Pyrrhic victory.

Killing for a “moral” cause
Keeps our hands and souls pristine.
But in the end, dead is dead
And our noble charge obscene.

Illustration Credit: “Perpetual War,” by Anthony Freda


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The Confederate Flag – The Medium is the Message


Christians believe that when Jesus was murdered, He was a sacrificial lamb who opened up the gates of heaven. Actually, He was a scapegoat, but because his death resulted in a perceived salvation, at least, people were comforted to think that He did not die in vain. But truly tragic is that people missed the very obvious message: Be nice. Don’t hate people. Don’t crucify people. It’s really not that hard to do!

Nine people were gunned down in a Charleston church by a very disturbed young man who legally purchased a firearm, whose heart and soul had been steeped in a hatred that is despicably displayed on the Confederate flag in front of our Statehouse, a flag that tells all people that South Carolina is a state that refuses to learn from its mistakes, that one’s personal liberty to possess a firearm trumps all other peoples’ liberty to not get killed, and that we will have endless “conversations” about “healing,” instead of doing something more meaningful, like taking down the flag—the flag that so pig-headedly refuses to admit that it has a heritage problem that has nothing to do with pecan pie.

These nine people were not sacrificial lambs, they were scapegoats. We can’t bring them back and that’s a tragedy, but if the Confederate flag stays up, we will have once again missed the message that hatred is not a family value, and they will have died in vain.

Turning the other cheek is no longer an option. The time for conversations has ended. Take down the flag, and then we’ll talk about healing.

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You Know You’re in South Carolina When…

You Know You're in SC When...

You know you’re in South Carolina when
Prodigal son Mark Sanford gets elected again!

He hiked the Appalachian Trail to political redemption
Because Jesus has granted him a moral exemption.

The party that defends the sanctity of marriage
Has imposed upon Justice a convenient miscarriage.

He abandoned our state with impunity–
Who knew that going AWOL grants immunity?

Second chances and salvation were strategic brilliance
And proved to be the foundation of his resilience.

That not much was made of his dereliction of duty
Turned his malfeasance into a thing of beauty.

He won the vacant seat of a Tea Party Activist
Because the electorate wanted a Conservative Lacktavist.

Let us not gnash our teeth nor pull out our hair
Nor throw in the towel in utter despair.

Let us praise democracy and be of good cheer–
Remember the term is for only one year.

The only problem, I really do fear,
Is that now that we’ve got him, he won’t disappear.

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