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Coming Home to a Place I’ve Never Been…

I am starting this blog in order to post my short stories, poems, and other writing instead of inflicting them on family and friends via e-mail. For years, I’ve been unsettled by the thought that when I am no longer around, someone who never loved me, or maybe someone who does but either doesn’t like to read or doesn’t have the time to go through my stuff, would find my writing and dump it into the trash. I have so many things that I’ve written on scraps of paper, or that I’ve painstakingly hammered out on manual and electric typewriters, or printed out in dot matrix on spool paper, jammed into bulging, yellowing file folders–and that’s just the stuff I can still find! I’ve never blogged before but I think this will be fun.

And best of all, my writing, for better or for worse, finally has a home .


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