Happy Birthday, Chris!


I wish I were there to make my cake
And some vegetarian oddity to replace a steak,
And after stuffing ourselves we’d decide to take
A meandering walk around the Lake,
Where I’d point out the weird snails that come every season,
And we’d come up with theories explaining the reason.
Then I’d ask you the latest way of not using “groovy,”
And approaching “Grand Lake,” we’d pop into a movie,
After which we’d spend an hour or two,
Discussing the plot and the point of view,
And many digressions, to name but a few,
And all other things related thereto.
But the only time we would disagree
I with you or you with me,
Is whether a comma belongs here or there,
But in the end, we wouldn’t care,
Except that Daddy would take your side,
Leaving me as the one that you two would chide.
All I know is that it’s so much fun
To have this wonderful friend who’s also my son.

Photo Credit: The Barbra Streisand Forum



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