All’s Fair in Love and Splitsville


We bought our groceries at the Piggly Wiggly
And at home together we’d put them away.
We’d kiss and hug and get all giggly,
Never thinking at all we’d change one day.

We split the chores right down the middle
As fair and as right as rain could be.
But I’ve seen the light and I’ve solved the riddle
Of what went wrong with you and me.

All that sharing fifty-fifty
In the end drove us apart.
Now all we have left of what we had, dear,
Is the two equal halves of our own broken heart.

Splitsville is the place you’re heading
As your love goes down the drain
And I no longer think that a double sink
Will make it faster to drain the pain.

Give and take is a much better shake
Than cutting the pie in two:
Too late we know our big mistake
Was not saying, “I want more for you.”

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