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I Promise…Dedicated to Jean and Craig


I promise you that I’ll try hard to stay
As charming and sweet as I was on the day
That we met and I thought that it would be so fine
To have someone like you who’d be totally mine.

I promise to treat you with the regard you deserve
And do what I can to maintain vim and verve
And treat our love like a fancy hors d’oeurvre
To appreciate and savor, no schlock shall we serve.

Should I find that you’re grouchy, I’ll give you some space
I’ll repress all my mean words and let you save face.
I’ll try not to take unkind comments to heart
And to squelch any enmity before any can start.

I’ll warm your nights and brighten your days
And make you happy in so many ways.
Let’s remain in this moment where our love seems enchanted
We’ll treasure each other and take nothing for granted.

I’ll remember I knew that you aren’t a saint,
I’ll love who you are and not want what you ain’t.
And so this is heaven or as close as we’ll be
If I am with you and you are with me.

Music Credit: Ingrid Michaelson – “The Way I Am”

Photo Credit: Zsolt Solymosi (2016)





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