Thank you, Dear Dr. Mazoue

Old Lady on Scooter

A million thanks to Dr. Mazoue
Who most incredibly has a way
Of doing what precious few can do:
Uncracking a patella and making it new.

My comminuted fracture
Had such big spaces
That I thought I’d never dance again in
Inappropriate places.

Nor did I think
I would ever again ride a bike
But I pedaled all over Holland
So what’s not to like?

Back again in free-range chicken mode
Gallivanting five miles a day
I’m loose as a goose and twice as spruce
As I was way back in the day.

You gave me a leg to stand on
So I’d call this a lucky break
You turned what could have been really bad
Into a piece of cake.

Though it was a pleasure to embark
On this joint venture with you
(No pun intended) I promise
Further injuries I’ll eschew.

Strengthening my quads
With leg stretches and raises
I now sally forth
Forever singing your praises!

Words can never express my gratitude to you
And to all the nice people who saw me through
This miraculous process of mending my knee
And for bringing my wonderful life back to me.

Very sincerely and forever grateful,
Gloria Talcove-Woodward

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One response to “Thank you, Dear Dr. Mazoue

  1. Richard Everett

    Oh yeah! Great glo!


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