I Guess This Means You’ll Be My Valentine!



You picked me up when I fell down
And then you drove me and my knee cap all over town.

You googled and yelped all we needed to know
Then you got me to where I needed to go.

Surgery, a knee brace and two crutches later,
No one but you could’ve ever been greater.

You waited on me like I was a queen,
You cooked great meals and kept the house clean.

You’ve been extraordinarily patient, kind and good
You never complained and did all you could.

Thanks to you and your care, my knee can now bend,
The stitches are out and I’m well on the mend.

Sure, I can’t drive and still wear my brace
But I can hobble around from place to place.

So when you weren’t looking, I hobbled away
And bought you a present for Valentine’s Day.

And since I like chocolate a lot more than you
I’ll help you eat them so less calories you’ll accrue.

So thank you forever for all that you’ve done!
No matter what happens, you make my life fun.

I’ll love you forever and I’m so glad you’re mine!
Let’s break out that chocolate, my sweet Valentine!

Art Credit: http://www.Funny2014.com



Filed under Humorous Perspective, Poems

2 responses to “I Guess This Means You’ll Be My Valentine!

  1. Phil T.

    Happy Recovering Valentine’s Day – I was going to enclose a dozen long-stemmed roses but I already hit the ‘send’ button. Love ya, Glo.


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