The Confederate Flag – The Medium is the Message


Christians believe that when Jesus was murdered, He was a sacrificial lamb who opened up the gates of heaven. Actually, He was a scapegoat, but because his death resulted in a perceived salvation, at least, people were comforted to think that He did not die in vain. But truly tragic is that people missed the very obvious message: Be nice. Don’t hate people. Don’t crucify people. It’s really not that hard to do!

Nine people were gunned down in a Charleston church by a very disturbed young man who legally purchased a firearm, whose heart and soul had been steeped in a hatred that is despicably displayed on the Confederate flag in front of our Statehouse, a flag that tells all people that South Carolina is a state that refuses to learn from its mistakes, that one’s personal liberty to possess a firearm trumps all other peoples’ liberty to not get killed, and that we will have endless “conversations” about “healing,” instead of doing something more meaningful, like taking down the flag—the flag that so pig-headedly refuses to admit that it has a heritage problem that has nothing to do with pecan pie.

These nine people were not sacrificial lambs, they were scapegoats. We can’t bring them back and that’s a tragedy, but if the Confederate flag stays up, we will have once again missed the message that hatred is not a family value, and they will have died in vain.

Turning the other cheek is no longer an option. The time for conversations has ended. Take down the flag, and then we’ll talk about healing.

Cartoon Credit: Photo by Wasserman,


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One response to “The Confederate Flag – The Medium is the Message

  1. Well much to my pleasant surprise it looks like the Confederate Flag may actually come down now-per Gov. Haley’s news conference backed by the presence of much of the state Legislature, all Charleston representatives (local and federal) and our State’s two Senators. There comes a time when some bit of hatred and bigotry finally gets seen for what is actually is: the anti-civil rights crowd lost whatever moral authority they had with Americans at large when police were caught on camera turning water hoses and dogs on young African Americans just asking for respect and when four young girls were bombed in a church before Sunday School ,and it seems the Confederate Flag has lost all of its “moral” authority with the murder of these church going “respectable” African Americans in Charleston. However, since the murder of 26 school kids and teacher at Sandy Hook didn’t effect “gun rights”, I am not sure what it will take for gun rights to loose that moral authority.


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