The Cruise Not Taken


Sorry to hear the March cruise has been scrapped
And on terra firma you’ll still be trapped!

So when March rolls around, as its name would entail,
You’ll be walking jauntily, not traveling by sail.

But take heart, dear friend, and consider it a blessing
Because after said cruise you would surely be stressing

Over the five pounds you’d gained just sailing around
Instead of the five you’ll march off on solid ground.

So…the five pounds not gained and the five you will lose
Will give you a ten pound lee-way for your very next cruise!

Photo Credit: “Missed Boat,”



Filed under Humorous Perspective, Poems

2 responses to “The Cruise Not Taken

  1. Elizabeth Ben Yahia

    Love it 5+5=10 simple math! Love you, Gloria! You always put a smile on my otherwise very serious face.


  2. Elena Carter

    I think, I have been waiting for my March cruise for a very long time. Too bad it did not work your way for me!:-( On the contrary, in my kitchen, I have recreated all the fine food I missed not eating on that ship; as a result…I have gained those 5 lbs…time and time again! So next time March comes around…I should try getting on my ship instead! 🙂


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