If Ever I Had To…

Giant California Redwoods

If ever I had to come up with a man
To make my life happy and devise a plan
To make everything work as well as it could,
Turning all things “meh” into something good…

Who could be as steady as a rock if life got crazy,
Nudge me along if my perception got hazy,
Who could keep me from straying too far afield,
Who could float my boat and keep it evenly keeled…

Who could figure out a way to get it all done,
And fill every void with excitement and fun…
Then the one I’d come up with would surely be you,
Since there’s no one else like you, no one else would do!

Life’s too short to live without you, not that I ever could…
And far too long without someone who is so much better than good.
So I hope you’re as happy as I am that you have what you’ve got
Because I’ll be yours forever–whether you want me or not.

Photo Credit: Gloria Talcove-Woodward, The Talcove Fiction Faction, talcove.wordpress.com.



Filed under Poems, Songs

2 responses to “If Ever I Had To…

  1. Jean

    OMG, Gloria…That one brought tears to my eyes!


  2. Phil T

    From the poem I’m starting to think you kinda like the guy!
    Love Ya’, Gloria


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