I Hope You Love My Tomato Soup!


I hope you love my tomato soup—
It’s guaranteed to dispel the droop
Of the soul, occasioned by a cold winter’s day
And replace it with warmth in a comforting way.

And don’t forget my vegetable, pea or pasta “fazoole”
And my good lentil soup that will make you drool…
So let me know which one appeals to you best,
And I’ll bring you another to put to the test.

And once you are up and around and out and about
You can walk over to my house and give me a shout
You’ll sit at my table now that you’re able,
And I’ll feed you more soup while I tell you a fable–

Of a friend who made soup for her friends on the mend,
Telling jokes and stories that didn’t quite end.
And the soup flowed like rivers which they rode down in bowls
Using soup spoons as oars to steer clear of the shoals.

The bowls spun madly as they laughed themselves silly,
While they careened hither and yon and all willy-nilly.
When the river delivered them back to her stoop,
She said, “I sure hope you liked my tomato soup!”

Photo Credit: Painting by Jen Norton, http://fineartamerica.com/art/paintings/soup/all



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2 responses to “I Hope You Love My Tomato Soup!

  1. Stewart Woodward

    Imagine being swept away on a river of soup , what a poem !!

    In its variety of style and content, I think the Talcove Fiction Faction is destined for fame and fortune.

    -Stewart Woodward , Modesto , CA


  2. Yoli Ganong

    Oh, oh. This gives me the impulse to walk up to your porch, test some more of your soups, hear more of your fables and laugh myself silly with my funniest friend.


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