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The Joy of A Snow Day


Oh, the anticipation of watching fluttering snowflakes, backlit by the street light, blanket the road in front of our house, wreaking serendipitous havoc upon the rigid confines of our unforgiving schedules, gently prying us loose from our slavish adherence to the rules governing who and what we are and where and how we must be.

Oh, the hope with which we burrow into our warm beds that the long, cold night will swirl the snow into something that will convince the Powers That Be to just leave us alone, just for a day…maybe even two?

Oh, the morning’s dazzling perfection: rounded contours of a blinding, retina-bleaching whiteness that covers everything, stunning brilliance breathed in deeply by our joyful realization that time has stopped, just for now.

Oh, the giddiness of a last-minute reprieve from the daily grind of being a small cog in a giant machine.

Oh, the delicious warmth of sipping hot chocolate while still dressed in pajamas, savoring the quiet peace of a snowy morning.

Oh, the delight of watching young parents pulling a sledful of bundled up toddlers along a snowy sidewalk.

Oh, the magic of believing that any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday can be liberated from its straightjacket by a miraculous mix of low temperatures and precipitation.

Oh, the joy, however fleeting, of nailing down the present onto the soul-stinging clarity of now! Oh, the joy!

Photo Credit: Snowy-Morning-Sweden-Photo-Via-Designchic,



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If Ever I Had To…

Giant California Redwoods

If ever I had to come up with a man
To make my life happy and devise a plan
To make everything work as well as it could,
Turning all things “meh” into something good…

Who could be as steady as a rock if life got crazy,
Nudge me along if my perception got hazy,
Who could keep me from straying too far afield,
Who could float my boat and keep it evenly keeled…

Who could figure out a way to get it all done,
And fill every void with excitement and fun…
Then the one I’d come up with would surely be you,
Since there’s no one else like you, no one else would do!

Life’s too short to live without you, not that I ever could…
And far too long without someone who is so much better than good.
So I hope you’re as happy as I am that you have what you’ve got
Because I’ll be yours forever–whether you want me or not.

Photo Credit: Gloria Talcove-Woodward, The Talcove Fiction Faction,


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I Hope You Love My Tomato Soup!


I hope you love my tomato soup—
It’s guaranteed to dispel the droop
Of the soul, occasioned by a cold winter’s day
And replace it with warmth in a comforting way.

And don’t forget my vegetable, pea or pasta “fazoole”
And my good lentil soup that will make you drool…
So let me know which one appeals to you best,
And I’ll bring you another to put to the test.

And once you are up and around and out and about
You can walk over to my house and give me a shout
You’ll sit at my table now that you’re able,
And I’ll feed you more soup while I tell you a fable–

Of a friend who made soup for her friends on the mend,
Telling jokes and stories that didn’t quite end.
And the soup flowed like rivers which they rode down in bowls
Using soup spoons as oars to steer clear of the shoals.

The bowls spun madly as they laughed themselves silly,
While they careened hither and yon and all willy-nilly.
When the river delivered them back to her stoop,
She said, “I sure hope you liked my tomato soup!”

Photo Credit: Painting by Jen Norton,


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