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I Wish We Shared More Than a Past and a Time Zone


I wish we shared more than a past and a time zone,
And how I wish I somehow mattered to you!
Reaching out to you always leaves me feeling alone
With the sting of what’s undeniably true.

Cats and monkeys, ice and fire—
We’re as different as different can be.
Whatever I do seems to draw your ire
But I miss you and that’s the issue for me.

You act as if I’ve committed some crime–
I’m not welcome to pass through your door.
I only ask for a tad of your time
Before we won’t remember what for.

Like cars on a highway we’ve gone our own way
Looped off at far exits, forgot not to stay.
I’ve hoped against hope that our paths would cross
So we could deepen our kinship, instead of our loss.

But you perceive me as weird through your parochial lens
With your nuclear family and cabal of few friends.
At Christmas, Christ’s message conveys your regard
But your concern goes no further than the edge of your card.

It doesn’t matter if we’re family or friends–
It’s not right to ignore so many loose ends.
Of course we can fight, not see eye-to-eye,
But “memento mori”—one day we will die!

I grieve your loss daily as if you had died,
I try to forget that I try not to cry.
So once again your number I’ll delete from my phone,
Ignore the hole in my heart and try to leave you alone.

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