Harrison’s Sweet Caroline

Young Love

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Caroline–
The light of everyone’s life, especially mine!
You light up the room wherever you go.
You’re my best friend and soul mate—I love you so!

I’ll always be yours whether you want me or not,
So good thing for me you are equally besot.
It’s no coincidence that of our children you’re the mother—
Of all the beauties in the world, I could conceive of no other!

We’ve shared 40 years of love through trials and tribulation,
And the spiritual bonus of the same religious affiliation!
We saved ourselves a lot of Sunday morning friction
By having the good sense to BOTH be Christian!

You’ve helped me to take life’s insults in stride,
You’ve replaced my fatigue with profusions of pride.
Whenever I’ve felt at the end of my rope,
Your smiling face and good cheer restored my hope.

Everything that you do I love and admire,
The life that you lead and your words inspire.
You’re my Fortune 500 Businesswoman of the Year
That you’re the best and the brightest and the dearest is clear!

Just kids when we married, we raised each other
Navigating the shoals of life, we triumphed together.
My life has been brighter with you at my side
Forever grateful I’ll be to my beautiful bride.

Photo Credit: https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/421362_156567704526150_751708072_n.jpg

Note: I was inspired to write this poem based on the following message that my friend, Harrison, posted on Facebook:

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Caroline. (that’s right, they wrote a song about her) you light up the room of every place you go. And every person who gets to know you. You are ever giving and ever loving. You are the light of my life and you brighten every aspect of my life. I love you so and you deserve every bit of my love. You are a wonderful: Christian, Best Friend, Soul Mate, Helpmeet, Mother of our Beautiful children, Companion, “Grandmother” to beautiful kittens, Business woman. I do love and admire you so. I enjoyed the Birthday dinner and reminiscing about our early years pranks and spats. We’ve been together over 40 years and actually helped raise each other. I attached a picture of our first date.


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