Retired Teacher Rap


A beautiful morning and it’s 8:03
I contemplate the peace with serenity.
Not one cranky student do I see
And not one late bell is haranguing me.

Chillin’ in my recliner called Boy La-Zee
I get online with a sense of glee
’Cuz there’s not one parent threatening me
And I’m living my life in harmony.

I control my time and even my space
There ain’t no kids yelling in my face
Administrators are a thing of the past
You know, hell forever just cannot last.

In the principal’s office I’d have to grovel
Now I feast my eyes on the latest novel
I no longer have a boss doing pop-in observations
Damned with faint praise and incriminations.

I used to grade papers long into the night,
And at weddings and funerals, every trip and every flight.
My life was never mine from August to June
Now I’m free as a bird and I’ve changed my tune.

It’s time to move on and wrap up this song
Cuz there’s a ton of fun thangs going on.
And now that I’m retired, I’ve discovered what’s true:
Not doing what you don’t like is the best thing to do!

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One response to “Retired Teacher Rap

  1. Phil T

    You got yo’ groove thang goin’ on big time, girl! I hear ya’.


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