Woe is Me, I’ve Made a Royal Mistake!


Woe is me, I’ve made a royal mistake–
I saved all the crumbs but I threw out the cake!
For the rest of my life I’ll eat humble pie…
The best guy I lost is now my pie in the sky!

Who’d a thunk you could’ve broken my heart
When it was never even yours to break?
The sad thing is I played the biggest part—
Now don’t that just take the cake?

Just when I wasn’t even looking
You crawled in right under my skin.
I was your queen but you were never my king,
Until I woke up to the state I was in.

While I was too busy wasting your time,
You installed yourself in my mind.
Now that it’s too late for you to be mine,
No uninstall option am I able to find!

I’d string you along ‘til I’d had enough
Of your sweetness and your generous way.
I acted real tough ‘til you called my bluff—
Now I’ll never stop ruing that day!

Old too soon and smart too late
I’ve blown it again–but this is my fate.
I broke all the rules one by one
Never caring I did ‘til the breaking was done!

I would never have made the prediction
That the tables could ever have turned.
Now that you’re my full-blown addiction,
All the bridges behind me have burned.

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One response to “Woe is Me, I’ve Made a Royal Mistake!

  1. Claudine

    So good! Love this one. Keep writing Glo!


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