A Weed’s Lament



I am the lowly,
Unwanted weed.
I sprang accidentally
From a wayward seed.

I am the plant world’s
Orphaned daughter—
If it doesn’t rain,
I don’t get watered.

I’m sometimes tolerated
But always hated,
Simply because
I’m uncultivated.

You won’t find me
In a flower show,
But just where am I
Supposed to go?

You pamper your roses
Until you’ve got dozens,
But me you’ll attack,
Fearing me and my cousins.

For my unsightly presence
I have to pay—
Ripped out by my roots
And thrown away.

When I show up in your yard,
You always scream,
Though I’ve saved your hills
From washing downstream.

Weed eaters kill and
Weed whackers slice,
But did it ever occur to you
Just once to be nice?

You destroy me with powders
And poisons and sprays,
Then you don’t see me
Or my ilk for days.

But just when you think
You’ve won is when
I pop back up
And you spray me again!

Of the thousands of beasts
In the world that there are,
The beast they call “bugs”
Are my favorites by far.

They don’t gnaw at my stems
And my leaves they don’t bite,
They may not be friendly,
but at least they’re polite.

You and I must share
God’s good green earth.
One day you may realize
That I do have some worth.

So put your poison away
Before it’s too late–
Before it gets me,
It might end up on your plate.

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4 responses to “A Weed’s Lament

  1. Your poem made me smile, as the truth often does.


    • Thank you so much, CM! I’ve always found that the truth gets the biggest laughs and the most indignant reactions! As Venus de Milo would concur, the truth is very disarming! I’ll check out your blog!


  2. Yolandacita Ganong

    Gloricita querida,
    Al fin he entrado en tu blog y he leído todos los poemas y todas las historietas que has publicado. Tengo que decirte que estoy ENCANTADA.
    Eres una verdadera y excelente escritora, no cabe duda. Y aunque para mí descubrir ésto ha sido una sorpresa (porque hasta que me leiste el poema de Sugar no lo sabía), a la vez no me sorprende que tengas ese talento. ¡Qué bueno que lo compartes con nosotros!


  3. Phil Turner

    Mi Amiga,
    Don’t think I didn’t see what you did there! Who knew you would turn out to be one a’ them tree-huggin’ live-and-let-live environmentalists? And poetic to boot.
    Love you, G
    Phil T


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