The Praying Mantis


One hot day I was playing outside,
When all of a sudden, something green I spied.
A big praying mantis stood as still as could be,
Cocking his head quite intelligently.

His head looked like a martian’s,
His eyes bulged out like beads,
But his knowing, calm expression,
Made me feel at ease.

I told my heart to beat more slowly,
And my fears, they did subside.
I saw a sweet look on his face—
So sweet, I could have cried.

I thought that we’d begun to breach
The gulf between man and beast.
We’d go down in history—
My alien friend and the civilized me.

He opened his mouth as if to speak,
And I inclined my head for a closer peek.
If I could decode this message concealed,
The secrets of the universe would soon be revealed.

As I drew closer
To lessen the space,
He drew his limbs inward…
And jumped in my face!!!!

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