Romilar and Bachegaloupe

Hampster on Swing

This poem is dedicated to my sister, Lois, and our niece, Vanessa.

The day my poor dog
Fi-Fi died,
I moped all day
And whined and cried.

We went to the pet shop
To get a small pet,
But I didn’t want fish,
Because fish are too wet.

We couldn’t get mice
Because they look like rats,
And my Mom is afraid
Of rats and bats.

Well, hampsters aren’t rats,
And they look more like mice,
And they’re not at all scrawny—
They’re pudgy and nice.

Only two left,
So we bought the deuce—
Both males, said the man,
So no kin they’ll produce.

We brought them both home
And built a small coop,
Naming them Romilar
And Bachegaloup.

They stood on my shoulders
And crawled around in my shirt,
And out in the yard,
I made them tunnels of dirt.

That whole summer long,
They never got bored,
But once school started,
My two friends I ignored.

I faithfully tended
To their little needs,
Giving them water
And feeding them seeds.

Although I felt guilty
About losing touch,
They certainly didn’t seem
To need me that much.

Then one day when
I was changing their litter,
I saw some pink toys
All in a flitter.

My Mom was surprised
When she saw those pink toys—
So Romilar and Bachegaloup
Aren’t both boys!

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One response to “Romilar and Bachegaloupe

  1. Suzanne

    I found you, Gloria. Great!!!!! I am sure I will enjoy this site. Keep writing.


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