Ode to Sugar

Calico Cat

Sugar’s the cat who lives next door,
And sneaks onto the porch and sprawls on the floor.
She sheds her fur all over the place,
And it floats through the air and sticks to my face.

She meows real loud when she sees me each day,
As if I’d been hiding—not wanting to play.
She claws at my clothes when I wear something nice;
“Don’t kiss her,” Mom says, “’cuz Sugar’s got lice.”

She sleeps in our window box each day for hours,
Not caring one bit that she’s ruining our flowers.
She’s scratched the “Wel” off the “Welcome” from the mat by the door,
And that’s why Dad says Sugar’s welcomed no more.

“Danged Cat!,” shouts my Dad, waving the broom,
As she bolts off the porch like a bat out of June.
But she skulks back again, even though Dad’s been rude,
Biting her fleas and sniffing for food.

Mom says if I kiss you, I’ll surely get worms,
But that’s only fair since you don’t mind my germs.
You like when I sing in my silliest voice.
As the cutest of kitties, you’re my number one choice.

I laugh when you lick your spread-apart toes,
Or you spray a cute sneeze through your calico nose.
So when no one’s around, I sneak you a snack,
Kiss your cute nose, and hope you’ll come back.

Photo Credit: http://www.thecatsource.com


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