An Uplifting Experience


One day in November when the weather turned cruel,
My brother and I were returning from school.
We jumped off the school bus and ran down the block,
But we couldn’t get in—the door was locked!

We knocked at the door ‘til our knuckles were red,
But Mom didn’t respond from her snooze on the bed.
So we banged and we shouted, ‘til we could do so no more;
It was then that we heard the mighty roar of Mom’s snore.

What do you do
When it’s twenty degrees,
And the cold is biting
Your nose and your knees?

My brother, who was older and smarter than me,
Said the back kitchen window should open easily.
We ran out back, but the window was high,
And to me it seemed as high as the sky.

He boosted me up with all of his might,
And I pushed up on the window, but it was shut too tight.
Just then Mom opened the door that we’d tried,
And my brother let go, and he ran inside.

I thought I would fall flat on my face,
But somehow I stayed suspended in space.
The hook from the clothesline under the sill,
Grabbed the belt from my stomach, preventing my spill.

The belt bit my ribs as I squeaked like a mouse,
My stomach was plastered to the side of the house.
After what seemed like a year or two,
Mom opened the window and pulled me on through.

That the doomed shall be saved,
And the lost shall be found,
Is the wisdom I’ve gleaned,
From just hanging around.

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One response to “An Uplifting Experience

  1. Felipe

    Who knew that a girl from New Dorp Beach would turn out to be a poet?
    I didn’t know it!
    Love ya, Gloria


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