Song: The Metal Detectors

This is a true story—On Saturday, October 14, 2012, I met this couple on the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina. They were so cute and happy together that I knew I had to write this poem, which really should be a song. I quickly got off the beach and parked myself in one of the rocking chairs on the big, shady porch of Coligny Plaza. I wrote the bare bones of the song out in shorthand (Gregg shorthand, not Pittman!) on the back of a dog-eared tax form that I hope I don’t need to turn in any time soon. On the way back home, I saw them again, flagged them down, and told them I’d be writing a song about them. I’m sure they didn’t believe me! So here it is:

A good distance between them they strolled
Along the surf through the waves as they rolled
A middle aged couple with metal detectors
Scanning the sand for gold.

The first one I passed was the woman
When I caught her eye, I said
“What’s the best thing you ever found scanning?”
“It’s that handsome guy up ahead.”

Then I caught up with her husband and
I asked the same of him to be fair.
He looked back and pointed behind him,
“It’s that beautiful lady back there.”

They showed me the treasure they’d dug up
A silver hair clip encrusted with jewels
Two wedding rings and a sinker, and
They even showed me their tools.

An open-frame bi-axial search coil
And the multi-featured combo stand
Increase your range and decrease your toil
And the pistol grip won’t hurt your hand.

I asked how they ever got started
Metal detecting for fun.
She said when she very first met him
His hobby had already begun.

He’d asked her out on a date in the woods–
There’s memorabilia out there to be found
Through the weeds and the thickets, there’re snakes, bugs and crickets
And Civil War relics abound.

She loved him so much she went looking
For the bullets and buttons he sought
But uncovering snakes gave her the shakes
But what saved her was this clever thought.

So to keep their passion together,
She suggested that they try the beach,
And that’s how they came to own
A metal detector each.

So if you’re looking for treasure
Think first who you’ve got at your side
You’ll see that you don’t have to dig far to find
The love that the sands of time can’t hide.



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3 responses to “Song: The Metal Detectors

  1. larry

    my wife and i just read your poem, we are the couple on the beach, and we absolutely love it. thank you for writing it. you are a very talented writer and we are very grateful. thank you sharon and larry


    • Dear Sharon and Larry,
      I’m so thrilled you like the poem (which really needs to be song). My thanks to you both for inspiring me to write it. It was great meeting you two and I hope we meet again!
      All my best,


  2. Maxine

    Very nice, Gloria. But what’s the matter with Pitman??!!



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